WATSONS Beer Wax Treatment


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I just can’t see the revelation why tonnes of women can sit for endless hours in the hair salon just to get their hair done, well, I cant; other than a quick trim (in fact, that’s rare to start with too) at most I would consider a highlight to add to the holiday mood? — no, not even a full head dye les’ my bum aches!

But, before you start jumping into the conclusion that I’m blessed with good hair genes (ok, that’s part of it indeed) and getting jealous, blah… Read on the rest first, cause in this post I am gonna share a part of my hair care secret.

It was almost a decade ago — I still remembered I was at a friend’s place, waiting for her to get dressed for the night out & casually reading on a local beauty forum where she left off at, when I stumbled upon a thread discussing hair care products. Cut a long story short, back then, the raves of this Watsons Beer Wax Treatment literally caused an islandwide sold out! It was not until that same friend, ransacked all their outlets & finally located the last few bottles, kindly sold me one.


I’ve not managed to find a replacement hair treatment product better than this — believe it or not, not even a close fight, simply for its price tag!

So, dont you want too: healthy-beautiful-lustrous hair?

I am NOT drunk!!! Here’s the deal — the proteins from the malt and hops found commonly in beer coat, helps rebuild and repair damaged hair, leaving you with a head-ful of shiny+healthy+silky looking hair! Not only that, it is known to nourish your scalp* and cleanse the roots hence preventing hair loss as well as greying. Wow-ed? Well, with it’s abundance of nutrients, in fact, there’s a whole looooong list of benefits of beer on the human body apart from hair, be it via consumption or when applied topically — read more HERE. Of course, always remember the key is moderation lah!

* In any hair product apart from shampoo, it is not advisable to apply products directly on your scalp — always start applying from inches down.

Priced at merely S$5.95
— Whatever the reasons, I think it’s worth a try!Cheers & bottoms up!

Stay Tuned!

Did a test check on the blog — yipee! its working now!

P/S: Dont ask me how I fixed it, cause I didnt. Atlas, I tried all I could and it STILL didnt worked, so I gave up and hope for a miracle, there you go!

Well… If you’re still hangin’ around this blog — stay tuned for more soon!
*skipping around happily*

Internet cannot display Webpage?

In case you’re wondering why am I missing-in-action all of a sudden?
Truth to be known, I’ve been having issues trying to blog for almost a week!

I’m totally clueless as to what’s happening because I’m still darn new to blogging on WordPress. All I know is once I enter the dashboard, everything else I click thereafter brings me to the error: “Internet Explorer cannot display web page” — this is so frustrating!

P/S: All other sites worked, hence I don’t reckon it’s IE connection. I’m using IE8 (on Windows 7 Home Premium) which previously didn’t encounter any bloggin’ glitches. Right now I am using the iPhone WP app to type this post…

If you’re reading this, or a WordPress blogger that had encountered this before, please leave me a comment on solutions. Oh! Did I mentioned I couldn’t post my questions on the WP troubleshoot forum too, drats!!!!

*waves the white flag frantically!*

Shortbread Cookies


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I think one of the best “marriages” in the world of gastronomy is complimenting shortbread cookies with a nice cup of aromatic coffee — and yes, sinful as it is, I love ’em both! I need my kopi-O kosong kao daily to kickstart my engine in the morning & another cup of no-sugar iced latte during midday to last me through the rest of day. But, on countless attempts had I failed to bake those perfect shortbread cookies to couple it…

Texture is the key here, and I always ended up churning out batches of what felt like ginger butter snaps with most online recipes, argh! Rather crestfallen, it’s easier to fix those cravings from a trip down the supermart, or, I’ll blatantly steal HB’s shortbread from his coffee (he doesnt fancy it anyway – so why waste!) — ok, done deal!

Jeanette recently launched her pastry lab blog — I was happily feasting my eyes on her buffet spread of drooling pictures when I paused, folded my arms, frown & stared on what I thought I saw — sure fail shortbread cookies recipe (read on, you’ll know why later). Thou’ she assured that all went well, I was still skeptical about it.

Fast forward a few days after, I was with my Lulu and outta the blue, she asked for butter cookies. Huh? Truth is, all these while I was contemplating to try that weird recipe but honestly I had no courage — nonetheless, we picked up the ingredients (ok, she didnt knew that I didnt perfect ’em).

Cut a long story short… Approaching this recipe with skeptisim, I only had one last hurdle (my taste is always right) to perfect — the texture had to be right!

Adapted from HERE

  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 2 cups Cornstarch
  • 4 cups all-purpose flour — I used Top/fine flour instead.
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 450G of Butter, at room temperature
  • (optional) 1 cup Chocolate Chips

1. Preheat oven at 170’c
2. In a large bowl, mix sugar, cornstarch, flour and salt.
3. Diced the butter into small cubes and add into the bowl of dry ingredients.
3. Using hands, mix all the ingredients until it becomes sandy — not doughlike.
4. Pour the mixture into a pan and press them down into an even mass.
5. Using a fork, prick the mixture about 1″ apart across the entire top — this is to help release the steam as it bakes.
6. (optional) Generously sprinkle the chocolate chips over.
7. Bake at 170’c for 15 minutes, then 150’c for an hour (or until lightly golden brown & a toothpick comes out clean).
8. Remove from oven and let it cool for about 5-10 mins before cutting into your desired size. Continue to cool before removing (thats if you can resist!)


Indeed, I submit to you — the cornstarch is the key to this recipe! I know the receipe calls for alot, and I mean crazy quantity of cornstarch but now it’s my turn (sorry J for doubting) don’t second guess it!. I knew I hit the mark as I was slicing through to get those bite size — the most joyous, crisping sound it made, as shortbread went under the knife. Yet within the mouth, the classic lightness almost like melt in your mouth texture greets you with tender, butter rich taste.

Well, if there’s anything else — I regretted not making more of them!

Aspirin DIY Mask/Scrub


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Aspirin, as we all know is the stuff you pop into your mouth to reduce fever.

However, because it contains Salicylic acid (which is a BHA, beta hydroxy acid), it also has the ability to penetrate deeply to unclog pores, effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal! If you’re looking for natural mask which is particularly effective in maintaining healthy, finer, smooth, and vibrant looking skin, this is it!

Dont second guess me — I’m not having a fever!
This is truly one of the best budget DIY mask during my younger days!


What you’ll need?
– A couple of uncoated Aspirin* tablets.
– A few drops of tap water, alternatively Cetaphil for a better hold.
(Optional) Aloe Vera gel/Honey/Tea Tree oil, etc…

* I am using Bayer’s brand. Uncoated tablets are preferred for an easy crush.
^ These are “enhancers” suggestions for various skin conditions. (i.e.: AV gel for soothing/Honey for moisturising/Tea Tree oil for acne-prone skin)

(1) Preparation: I prefer this ‘plain’ most of the time — basically by placing 2 tablets on my palm, add 1-2 droplets of water. (they break up real easy in contact with water, so a little goes a long way — also, a runny paste wouldn’t hold well on face & risk inhaling or gets into eyes!) Wait for a few seconds, allowing the tablets to absorb the water before crushing it with your fingers. If required, add a few more droplets of water — now you should have a grainy paste.

(2) Application: Slowly apply the grainy paste on your face; avoiding the eyes, nostrils and mouth areas. Leave it on for about 3-5 minutes (max. 10 minutes as they can be a little drying). Wet your palms with warm water and in gentle circular motion, give your face a scrub before washing off the residue!

– Ran out of scrub? Why not double this use as an exfoliator?
– Nasty zit, but big night out? Here comes the rescue! Use this to soothe and reduce the appearance of zits. It also allows better application of make-up!
– It can be drying — use sheet mask to regulate your skin’s moisture thereafter.

Disclaimer: (i) Always consult the medical professionals, your doctor or dermatologist before trying if you are unsure about it. (ii) Just to be on the safe side; take note of these, even thou’ using Aspirin topically:

  • DO NOT use! If you are allergic to Acetylsalicylic Acid, which is the active ingredient in Aspirins.
  • Avoid using if you are pregnant/nursing (except under the advice of a doctor) — as accidental inhale/consumption might occur. 
  • Not for use in persons under the age of 16 (unless directed by a doctor)
    — as it might cause Reye’s Syndrome. Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Aspirin is an anti-coagulation drug (thinning of the blood) — therefore, DO NOT use it on a daily basis even topically (I wouldnt recommend it using it more than twice a week). As the saying goes, moderation is the key!



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Having that first mouthful of Tiramisu in my much younger days, I had loved it ever since then… I vividly recalled wondering to myself “what the heaven is this?” — the concoction was as if I was tasting a bite of heaven, it felt so euphoric (hey! just like my blog name, eh?). Cake, but yet not; creamy but I knew it wasn’t whipped cream (cause I hate it) along with a tantalising explosion of chocolate + rich aroma of espresso + hint of liquor. Ooooow!

Fast forward to some years later, it was during a care group gathering that I had this “close encounter” — Selina brought her homemade specialty & served it as if you would dig a scoop of ice-cream out from the tub, it was really impressive! I casually asked for the recipe (I know it’s gonna sound so silly) but it was then I came to realisation that I could experiment it too, without having to blow up any kitchen appliances since no baking was required.

Today I reckoned I had quite mastered this recipe — vote of confidence from family (in my elder sister’s words: shiok lah!) and friends, but most importantly the “gourmet tongue” (aka the Husband) passed it too, yay!

(yields a box of 7×5″ disposable tupperware)

  • 500G Mascarpone Cheese
  • 10-15pcs of Italian Ladyfingers (Savoiardi)
  • 8 tbsp of Espresso Coffee – I used a can of Nescafe Original instead.
  • 2 tbsp Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 4 tbsp Caster Sugar
  • 6 tbsp Coffee Liquor – I used Baileys Irish Cream with hint of coffee.
  • 4 tbsp Thickened Cream
  • Cocoa Powder (+ a fine sieve for dusting)


1. Cream Mixture: In a large bowl, mix the Mascarpone Cheese, Vanilla Extract, Caster Sugar & 2 tbsp of Coffee Liquor with a spatula until well combined. Fold in the thickened cream till you arrive in a nice creamy consistency. [Tip: Be patient & gentle, otherwise it would be too ‘watery’ by the time you add the thickened cream.

2. Dippings for the Ladyfingers: In a shallow dish, mix Coffee & the
remaining 4 tbsp of Coffee Liquor.

3. Dip 1 ladyfinger at each time, horizontally and quickly (to prevent it from becoming soggy) into the coffee solution you prepared in Step 2. Then, arranged the dipped ladyfingers into tupperware, to form a layer of cake.

4. Now spread a layer of cream mixture you prepared in Step 1 over the layer of ladyfingers cake with the back of your spoon.

5. Dust a thin layer of Cocoa Powder using the fine sieve.

6. Repeat Steps 2 to 6 to form the second layer of cake. [Tip: Traditionally it has only 2 layers but I preferred 3 layers. If you follow the same size of tupperware as listed, each layer cake = 5 ladyfingers.]

7. Cover with lid and chill the cake overnight till set & you are ready to eat! Serve with drizzle of Chocolate Sauce if you like!

Godervi il vostro (enjoy your) tiramisù…