In case you’re wondering why am I missing-in-action all of a sudden?
Truth to be known, I’ve been having issues trying to blog for almost a week!

I’m totally clueless as to what’s happening because I’m still darn new to blogging on WordPress. All I know is once I enter the dashboard, everything else I click thereafter brings me to the error: “Internet Explorer cannot display web page” — this is so frustrating!

P/S: All other sites worked, hence I don’t reckon it’s IE connection. I’m using IE8 (on Windows 7 Home Premium) which previously didn’t encounter any bloggin’ glitches. Right now I am using the iPhone WP app to type this post…

If you’re reading this, or a WordPress blogger that had encountered this before, please leave me a comment on solutions. Oh! Did I mentioned I couldn’t post my questions on the WP troubleshoot forum too, drats!!!!

*waves the white flag frantically!*