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I just can’t see the revelation why tonnes of women can sit for endless hours in the hair salon just to get their hair done, well, I cant; other than a quick trim (in fact, that’s rare to start with too) at most I would consider a highlight to add to the holiday mood? — no, not even a full head dye les’ my bum aches!

But, before you start jumping into the conclusion that I’m blessed with good hair genes (ok, that’s part of it indeed) and getting jealous, blah… Read on the rest first, cause in this post I am gonna share a part of my hair care secret.

It was almost a decade ago — I still remembered I was at a friend’s place, waiting for her to get dressed for the night out & casually reading on a local beauty forum where she left off at, when I stumbled upon a thread discussing hair care products. Cut a long story short, back then, the raves of this Watsons Beer Wax Treatment literally caused an islandwide sold out! It was not until that same friend, ransacked all their outlets & finally located the last few bottles, kindly sold me one.


I’ve not managed to find a replacement hair treatment product better than this — believe it or not, not even a close fight, simply for its price tag!

So, dont you want too: healthy-beautiful-lustrous hair?

I am NOT drunk!!! Here’s the deal — the proteins from the malt and hops found commonly in beer coat, helps rebuild and repair damaged hair, leaving you with a head-ful of shiny+healthy+silky looking hair! Not only that, it is known to nourish your scalp* and cleanse the roots hence preventing hair loss as well as greying. Wow-ed? Well, with it’s abundance of nutrients, in fact, there’s a whole looooong list of benefits of beer on the human body apart from hair, be it via consumption or when applied topically — read more HERE. Of course, always remember the key is moderation lah!

* In any hair product apart from shampoo, it is not advisable to apply products directly on your scalp — always start applying from inches down.

Priced at merely S$5.95
— Whatever the reasons, I think it’s worth a try!Cheers & bottoms up!