Hello there! Welcome to my blog!

It’s been a long hiatus — 3 years (since 2008) had I stopped bloggin’, time flies eh?
There had been lots of changes in my life during this period, but nevertheless, I (think) I still love to blog! Oh well, today I feel like I’m born again! 

Speaking of changes, I’ve virtually moved to WordPress.com too! Please bear with me while I struggle to navigate myself around! *bangs into wall, ouch!*

Nothing like before, this blog endeavours to bring forth everything about life: perhaps you used to read my oh-so-girly beauty blog or my bratdogs’ blog — while the main crust still remains; in addition this time, think woman (how about a wife’s tale) because I’m learning to excel in being one, and would love to invite my readers to join me in this *exciting* journey! Ok, (disclaimer: maybe at times it might turn bland or even sourish) but hey!, at times it isn’t THAT easy juggling so many roles in life! While I promise you with some simple recipes, I can’t be so sure about dollops pinch of rantings on how I would blow up my poor oven…

So stay tuned, for what I have in-store for you & coupled with all the what-nots!
Trust me, it’s gonna get more complicated than this!



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